Other Books   

SPIEGELknippen,  ISBN: 90 5877 337 X

Forte Uitgevers.

Contents: With the patterns in this book, scissors and coloured paper you cut out: Bow, little Bows, Apples,  Heart, Passion-flower, Eastern tree, Doves, Butterfly, little Butterflies, Bear, Rosette and Christmas tree.

TRIORE greeting cards, ISBN: 90 5877 674 3

Forte Uitgevers.

Contents: With 12 different patterns 24 cards were made , filled up with paper triangles in ton sur ton, contrasting and complementary colours according to the colour circle. A simple folding way with quick and colourfull result.

Het grote wenskaartenboek,  ISBN: 90 5877 650 6

Forte Uitgevers.

Contents of my chapter: Paper cutting. Three different frameworks together with the figures 0 to 9 give the opportunity to make cards with the good numbers for every birthday and jubilee. Represented are cards with: 1, 2, 7, 9, 14, 16, 21, 29, 33, 35, 40, 47, 56, 59, 60, 68, 73, 85.

KNIP MEE, to be ordered via the contact form.

Publication of the Dutch Paper cutting Society.

Contents: Clear explanation in word, drawings and photo’s to make: Bouquet, Easter Bunny, Cutting sampler, Name cuttings, Doll houses, Frog letter, ATC, Portraits, Ex-libris, Congratulation cutting, Black and White, Devotional picture, Mills, Labels, Occasional cuttings, Leaded cutting, Classic cutting, Autumn leaves, Round table-centre, Sport, Star rain, Christmas cutting, Star, Christmas bear, Snow, Ice crystals and Candles.

Het MEGA wenskaartenboek, 

ISBN: 90 5877 650 6, Forte Uitgevers.

Contents of my chapter : 20 cards in the new technique TWIST, whereby you cut and twist together three pieces of coloured paper. The result is a nice twister. A real challenge!

Plezier met papier,

ISBN 978 90 5877 705 8,  Forte Uitgevers BV.

A beautiful book full of cutting and sticking, folding and building for all children from 6 years. This complete paper book I wrote together with Jorna en Elize.

Triorekaarten met Maruscha,
ISBN 978 90 8735 293 6, Uitgeverij Find IT Media
A new book with beautiful TRIORE patterns for cards and ATC: Art Deco– and Tiffany lamp, fruit dish, vase, butterfly, bluebell, candle, star, partylight, crown, spinning-top, card-trick and so on.

IRIS quilting     

Search Press, ISBN 978-1-84448-786-8

With small stripes of fabric and nice patterns you make your own IRISQUILT!

Contents: Hearts, Hedgehog, Butterflies, Balloons, Apple, Tulips, Triangles, Kites, Round Trees, Bottles, Boats, Squares, Rose, Pears and Lantern.

IRISquilting published in Quiltnieuws