Workshop  CUT out!

How to work:

Fix the copy of the pattern on both papers with a lot of staples all around.

Cut over the dotted lines with the scissors the pattern in 3 parts.

Do not go twice over the cutting line, just cut to the other side of the paper!

Cut the outside of each part. Throw away the parts of the pattern and puzzle with the colour parts.

Fix with glue the coloured parts on the yellow, the blue and the golden brown card.

For the other pumpkin: fix the coloured parts with some space on the white card (12 x 10.5 cm), the orange card (13 x 10.5 cm) and the green card (15 x 10.5 cm).

What you need:

Pattern pumpkin; paper brown and red design 10 x 11 cm; cards: yellow 10 x 10 cm, blue 10.5 x 10.5 cm and golden brown 12.5 x 12.5 cm; scissors; staples; glue

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