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Make your own apron



What you need

card: soft yellow 15 x 21 cm and 14 x 9.6 cm, blue 14.4 x 10 cm;

paper strips width 2.5 cm in 4 different designs blue (a, b, c, d)and 10 x 6 cm colour c for ABC; blue cord 6 cm


Place the backside of the card exactly on the pattern and secure it with a few pieces of masking tape.

Fold all paper strips a small edge in the length, sort out on colour. Cover section 1 with a strip of paper a and fix it on both sides on the card with tape. Cover section 2 with a strip of paper b. fix it.

Make a lace border and fix it on the topside of section A.

Cover the sections A, B and C together with paper c. Cover section 3 with a strip of the same paper c. Cover section 4 with a strip of paper d. Continue in the same colour order, section 5 a strip of colour 1, section 6 a strip of colour 2 etc. til section 24.

Take the card off, turn around en make the cord in the card. Make a little pocket and fix it in the middle. Fix the apron on the blue card and on the front side of the double soft yellow card.

Pattern 11 x 8.5 cm

adjust the printer margin

How to work

Make a copy of the pattern. Cut out the apron from the back side of the small soft yellow card.

Tape the pattern on the cutting mat.