Workshop  IRISfolding



What you need

card: crème 15 x 21 cm and 9 x 13 cm;

map 10 x 15 cm;

paper for strips 2.5 cm: dark grey, grey/white, pink, grey design;

Paper for sole and front: metallic black 68x 11 cm; paper for shoe-lace: 6 x 3 cm pink; grey/white paper for little circles.

How to work

Make 2 copies of the pattern. Cut out the complete shoe from the back side of the small card. Cut that card above left side a triangle 6 cm high and 8 cm long.

Tape the pattern on the cutting mat. Place the backside of the card exactly on the pattern and secure it with a few pieces of masking tape.

Take the other shoe copy and fix it with staples on the metallic black paper. Cut out for the sole (A) exactly on the line between sole and the sections 1 and 4 and wide over the out side. Cut out for the front (B) exactly over the line between the sections 3 etc. down to the sections 12 and 8 and cut wide over the out side. Cover section A with the black sole, stick it with tape left, right and under onto the card. Cover section B with the front and stick it onto place.


Fold all paper strips a small edge in the length, sort out on colour.

Cover section 1 with a strip of paper dark grey, section 2 with grey/white, section 3 with pink and section 4 with grey design. Stick every strip on the card. Continue in the same colour order. Cover the last section with paper grey/white. Take off the card.

Fix a copy of B with staples on the back side of paper pink and cut out the  shoe-lace. Punch 6 circles each 0.3 cm out of paper grey design for the front. Fix all with photo glue on the shoe.

Stick double-sided tape on the back-side the small crème card, fix it on the map and together on the front side of the double pink card.


Make for every hiking friend a shoe. In The Netherlands is this year the 100th Nijmeegse4 daagse!

Margreet Lens

Pattern ± 7 x 10 cm

adjust the printer margin

Jan Blomme