Workshop Papercutting

Parade Horse


What you need:

Card yellow 15 x 10.5 cm; cutting paper brown 8 x 14 cm; scissors, wall paper glue, staples

How to work

Fold the cutting paper to

8 x 7 cm. Make a copy of the pattern, the dotted line on the fold, with staples in the open parts on the cutting paper. Start to cut by the piece under the body. Use one hand for the scissors and turn the paper with the other hand in the right direction. Continue with opening the scissors and turning the paper together.

Pattern 8 x 7 cm

adjust the printer margin

Sounds difficult but it isn't, just do it! It becomes one flowing movement from hands-scissors-paper with a beautiful cut out at the end. Unfold the cutting and glue the horses on the yellow card.


Papercutting is fascinating!

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