WELCOME at IRIS folding and other kind of nice techniques with PAPER!

You will find here information, an overview of my books and several free workshops.

My name is Maruscha Gaasenbeek.

In 1999 I developed IRIS folding, a simple technique to make beautiful greeting cards. The material is for free: gift paper, flower paper, the inner site of envelopes, magazines etc. You select a pattern and take a suitable coloured card. Then you choose papers that harmonize and contrast well. Cut them into strips, fold a rim and attach them with adhesive tape on the backside of your card by following the numbers in my pattern. Turn the card: SUPER!

IRIS folding has spread slowly but surely, first in the Netherlands, afterwards over the whole world.

Both adults and children discovered the endless possibilities of this technique. You have a lot of fun by choosing colours, filling the patterns and let other people enjoy the beautiful IRIS folding cards you sent them.


I was a schoolteacher, gave classes paper cutting for adults, lectures and workshops. For over 20 years I was editor from ‘Knip-Pers’, magazine of the Dutch Art of Paper cutting Society. From 2000 till 2004 I wrote the IRIS folding books 1 till 9 together with Tine Beauveser. The IRIS folding books 10,11,12 and 13 I wrote myself. See more of my books by ‘Other books’.

Paper cutting and IRISquilting  are also interesting and nice techniques with paper and fabrics. Take a look at my IRISQUILTING workshop!

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‘Like the iris of the eye is enclosing the pupil, so are the coloured strips of paper enclosing the centre of the IRIS folding pattern’.