IRISfolding basic   



The starting point for IRIS folding is the pattern. Cut the outer shape of the pattern out of the card and fill the hole from the outside to the inside with folded strips of colourful paper from used envelopes, gift paper, magazines etc. You work on the backside of the card, so that you work, in fact, on a mirror image. When you have finished, you stick your card on the frontside of a double card. For a diamand pattern, select four different papers where the patterns and colours combine nicely with each other. Cut all the papers into strips. Depending on the pattern, you will need between 4 and 8 strips. The width of the strips also depends on the pattern and is stated for each card. First you need to fold over one edge of the strips and sort them into the different colours. Next, you cover each section in turn by following the numbers (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc.), using a different colour each time, rotate the pattern. Lay the strips down with the fold facing towards the middle of the pattern and then stick them to the left and right-hand sides of the card using adhesive tape. Finally, use an attractive piece of deco tape or holographic paper to cover the hole in de middle.


1. Cut out the diamond from the backside of the blue card 13.5 x 8 cm.

2. Stick a copy of the diamond pattern to your cutting mat using adhesive tape.

3. Place the card with the hole on the pattern (you should be looking at the back of the card) and only stick the left-hand-side of the card to your cutting mat using adhesive tape.

4. Cut 2 cm wide strips from 4 different papers (A, B, C, D) and fold over the edge of each strip. Take a folded strip of colour A and place it upside down over section 1, exactly against the line of the pattern with the folded edge facing towards the middle. Allow 0.5 cm to stick out of the left and right-hand sides and cut off the rest.

5. Stick the strip to the card on the left and right-hand sides using a small piece of adhesive tape.

6. Take a strip of colour B and place it on section 2 of the pattern. Tape the left and right-hand sides to the card.

7. Take a strip of colour C and place it on section 3 and stick it into place.

8. Take a strip of colour D and place it on section 4 and stick it into place.

9. Start again with colour A on section 5, colour B on section 6, colour C on section 7 and colour D on section 8 etc. The strips on sections 1, 5, 9 and 13 of this pattern are all of colour A!


Carefully remove the card after finishing section 16. Stick a piece of holographic paper in the middle on the back of the card. Stick small pieces of double-sided adhesive tape along all edges. Remove the protective layer and stick your design on a double card. Do not use glue, because all paper strips place pressure on the card.


Rosmarie van Beek