Workshop Papercutting



Surprice a friend with a selfcutted flower on a card! Make 2 in 1 cut!



What you need:

Card red 15 x 10.5 cm, yellow 15 x 9.3 cm and  ligt grey 15 x 9cm;

Paper : origami stripe design  and green 15 x 8 cm;

Scissors, cutting knife, wall paper glue, staples

How to work

Make both  papers with collored side together, place a copy of the pattern on top and fix it with staples.

Use the cutting knife to make 6 small stripes in the flower and cut out the stamen. Cut arount the the radicles, the bulb, leaves and the flower.

Take of the copy: you have 2 flowers, one to the left and one to the right side!


Glue the red flower on the grey card. Fix with dubble sided tape the grey card on the yellow card and then on the red card.


Choose each time other paper to cut out the flowers and you have unique cards!